Friday, September 6, 2013

Blessing #216 - The Battle of the Lunch Box Notes

From the beginning of our relationship, Shad and I have been competitive.  Many of our early dates included some kind of game or competition.

When I did my whole 30, I made it way longer than I normally would just because I was determined to beat Shad in the bet.

We are two very competitive people.

I love him with all my heart, but I really like to beat him too! (I realize how that sounds, but you know what I mean.)

Last week, Shad and I engaged in a silent, cut throat competition.

It all started on Brandon's first day of school when Shad and I both put notes in B's lunchbox.

A simple, quick expression of our love for him.

The next day, when I started to pack his lunch, I found both notes in his book bag.  He had saved them.  As soon as I saw that the notes meant so much to him, I decided to make the lunch box note a daily thing.

The only problem was, Shad sent a note too, and he actually used a  piece of paper.  He even pulled out all the stops and put a fire truck sticker on it (not pictured B took it off while he was at school).

The next day, Shad didn't put leave a note, and I thought my note would be the lone star of the lunch box. However, right before we left for school, Shad asked me to stop by the farm, and he had this for B's lunch box.

Are you kidding me? B didn't even bring my paper towel home on this day when he had a tractor calendar picture.  Shad's notes were so good, Collin even cried and told Shad he wanted a tractor note.

How was I going to compete with this? I did what any modern woman would do. I searched pinterest and pinned a bunch of lunch box note pins. 

I also realized that lunch notes were going to be an everyday occurrence so I made a spot in the lunch station for them.

I found this pocket for notebooks for a dollar at Staples.

I cut off the hole tabbed part, added some vinyl lettering, and hung it with a command strip to give me easy access to stickers and notes.

Have I mentioned how much I love my lunch station? It works so well for us.

I had Pinterested. I had organized. I was going to win the battle of the lunch box notes.

When I went to pack B's lunch on his birthday, I found this.

A balloon!?! How was I supposed to compete with a balloon? That's not even a note! How dare Shad think outside of the box! I could barely fit B's sandwich in his lunch box.

It was over. I had lost. I had to admit Shad's lunch box notes were much better than mine.  

Yes, I had to explain that my drawing was a rock.  No, I'm not the winner in the battle of the lunch box notes.

 I am the tortoise of lunch box notes, slow and steady every day with my bad drawings and sweet sentiments.  Shad is more about the flash and show.

I may have lost the battle of the first week of lunch box notes, but slowly and steadily I plan on winning the war.  Yes, lunch box notes are meant to encourage B, but I'm also going to also use them to beat Shad!

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