Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Blessing 218 - Fall Bucket List

A couple of weeks ago, I shared our Summer Bucket List.  We had so much fun trying to cross things off that list so we had to make a Fall Bucket List.

I looked for a few chalkboard bucket list on pinterest, but I really didn't find the look I wanted for my pantry.  Thursday, I took a little time for myself, and just started drawing.

I knew I wanted a tree, and I really liked the placement of the title. However, I decided to take this one all the way to the ceiling.

Once I got to this point, I decided I wanted to add a little color.  I used sidewalk chalk to add some red leaves, and highlighted them with a little yellow.

It was really nice to start and not really know where I was going to end up.  It was very relaxing to be creative in this way.  (I realize that sounds a little weird, but I'm one of those people that needs to be creative to be happy.)

Yesterday, I was trying to get some pictures of the bucket list when I heard some shuffling feet across my kitchen floor.

Now it's been a while since he's done this but....

Boom! Photo Bombed!

In case you can't read because of Collin, the items on our bucket list are...

1. boiled peanuts- They don't sell them around here, but I can make some.

2. apple cider

3. apple picking

4. camp fire

5. jumping in a pile of leaves (Brandon added that one)

6. hay ride

7. Operation Christmas Child

8. caramel apples

9. put pumpkins on the porch

10. trick or treat

We might not get all these items crossed off, but we are going to have a lot of fun trying!

What's on your list? I'd love to hear!

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