Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Curse #53 - Sometimes a Mother Can't Win

Ever since Brandon started first grade, he has said every morning, "I don't want to go to school.  I want to stay with you." His behavior really alarmed me because he loved school last year.

Every morning after his complaining, I would ask him, "Is someone being mean to you? Isn't your teacher great?" He told me he liked his teacher and everyone was nice to him, "but Mommy, I just want to be with you!!!"

At first, I didn't believe him.  I even asked his teacher about it. Surely, the problem was more complex than just missing me, but then I remembered our summer.  This summer, I had a different activity for us every day.

It was busy and tiring, but we really had a great summer.  We enjoyed the time we had together and tried to make the most of it.

However, as great as our summer was, I realized as the case is often in motherhood, YOU CAN'T WIN!

We had such a great summer, but now, B thinks I do that kind of stuff every day and he doesn't want to go to school! No matter how many times I tell him that was just for the summer, he just doesn't believe me. I've always been careful when he asks me what I am doing while he is at school. The answer is always the most boring activity in the world to Brandon, "Cleaning the house." Unfortunately, he sees the house when he comes home so he's not believing me.

Yesterday morning, B was particularly upset on the way to school. I had had enough mornings of this and lectured him on choosing his focus, but the lecture didn't work. When we got to school, he was even more upset. "I just don't want to leave you!"

After many tears and theatrics, the truth finally came out as B cried, "I saw pictures of you and Collin on the ipad that you took without me!!!"


Yes, the iPad sold me out.

Here are the pictures he found...

I tried to console him, "B we weren't anywhere fun. We were just in the kitchen. I was 'cleaning' and Collin walked in and asked to take a picture." But it was no use because B continued to cry, "But you took the pictures without ME!"

Stunned, I look at him and said, "Well, then that's an easy solution. When you get home from school today, you and I will take some pictures together."


He dried up his tears and walked into school happy that we would take some pictures after school.

As soon as he got home, we took our silly selfies with our best funny faces.

My Level 1 Funny Face - It's funny, but still manages to make my face look slim.

 Level 2 Funny Face - It still looks cute, but not as flattering

Level 3 Funny Face - When the neck wrinkles start to show up, it's getting serious

Level 4 Funny Face - Buck Teeth and neck wrinkles....almost there.

Level 5 Funny Face - You lose all sense of looking good, and just go for it. I'm going for the squinty chipmunk look while B is going for the exorcism look.

I really hope this "I don't want to go to school" thing is just a phase because I feel like I have run an emotional marathon before 9:00 am every day. If it doesn't next summer we are just sitting in the house all day every day, and he will be so happy to go back to school.

Sometimes I wish motherhood came with an instruction manual, but in real life I just have to know my child, do my best, and delete all incriminating pictures off the iPad.

And just to be fair....

After B and I  finished our silly pictures, Collin got in on the fun and tried B's signature exorcist face.

But just when it started getting sweet, Colli tried to push B out of the way with his head. (Those are my "the boys are driving me crazy" eyes)

Then B had to fight back.

Ahh motherhood! Sometimes you just can't win.

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