Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Blessing #214 - Save the Pickle Jars

A couple of weeks ago, our refrigerator broke.  By the time I realized what had happened, all the food in my fridge was room temperature.

One of Shad Lankford's greatest fears is food poisoning (poison ivy is a close second).  I used to make fun of him for the fear, but a year or so ago, he actually got food poisoning (from a restaurant not from my cooking).

I could have saved some of the food in the refrigerator maybe the ketchup or the pickles, but it wasn't worth hearing, "Does your stomach hurt? My stomach definitely hurts," every time he eats a pickle for the next month.

As I threw out all the food, it seemed like such a shame to throw out all those glass jars.  Yes, all the pickles had to be sacrificed, but suddenly I was determined to save the jars.

Last week, we went to a friend's house, and I found the perfect opportunity to save one of the jars.  A pickle jar would make a great flower vase!

And of course being the compulsive labeler that I am, I had to cut some vinyl for the pickle jar.  (If you don't have a vinyl cutter these labels would be awesome.)

Are you looking at my dusty mantle right now? Well, stop it!

I spray painted the lid with some spray paint I already had.  That way after the flowers are done, the jar can be used for pens or what not.

Are you looking at my mantle again? Stop it!

This little project saved a pickle jar from the recycling bin, and gave me an easy hostess gift.

The pickles would be proud. They did not die in vain.

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  1. What a clever idea and the lettering gives them an up-scale look! Up-scale pickle jars! I didn't even notice your so-called dusty mantle, too busy admiring the flowers and vase. I am your newest follower! Please stop by my blog if you get a moment!
    Have a beautiful night!