Thursday, November 18, 2010

Curse #3- The One Time He's Really Sick

In the 9 years I have known Shad he has never ever had a stomach virus. He has had shingles, back troubles, and sinus infections, but never ever a stomach virus, that was until this week. The nasty stomach virus that's been going through our family caught up with Shad on Tuesday.

Now he's "thought" he had food poisoning, at least once a week. One of his all time favorite lines is, "Does this looked cooked to you?" I have learned that the answer is always, "No, it doesn't look cooked." This may sound crazy, but if he does eat it, he will say that his stomach hurts for the next three hours. It's just easier to say it's not cooked than to deal with the food poisoning claims the entire next day. So the other night when he started complaining about his stomach, I did not take it that seriously. I even made a few jokes about it. Then in the middle of the night he started getting sick. After the first time, he said, "See I told you I was sick!" I told him, "Sorry, but it's like the boy who cried wolf." Shad hated being sick, but he loved being justified.

Oh I almost forgot! Right after telling me, "I told you I was sick," the next line out of his mouth was, "Do you think it's food poisoning?"

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