Thursday, November 25, 2010

Blessing #11- The Van

I have recently become a "mom." You may have thought I already was a mom, but I wasn't. One becomes a "mother" when they birth or adopt a child. One becomes a "mommy" when someone calls you mommy. However, one becomes a "mom" when she gets a minivan and she's happy about it.

It all started soon after B was born. We needed a car, and Shad suggested that we get a van. "NOoOoOoOo!!! I hate those things. I don't want to be that person yet." You see, I was too cool and too young for a van. Now, the irony is I own an accordion that I have named Beulah, but I thought I was too cool for the van. Here's a self portrait to prove it.

So we got a four door sedan, but as soon as I got pregnant with Collin, I knew I'd made a mistake. Suddenly, a van was not "uncool" but practical and necessary.

Around this time, my parents decided to sell the 1967 Volkswagen Beetle we restored when I was 15. I loved the car very much. Every detail from the floor mats to the paint color my family picked together. I grieved the loss for sometime, but I took comfort in the fact that it went to a great home that loved it very much. My parents did not say why they sold the Volkswagen, but I assumed they needed the space in there driveway. If you know them, then you know that's a very valid reason for them to sell a car.

One day, I called my parents and mentioned we were looking at a van. "You don't need that," they said. I didn't think much of it, but they called back later. My dad told me, "You need a better van than that." I said, "Yes, in a perfect world." He answered back, "Well today the world is perfect!" He then went on to explain they'd sold the Bug to rebuild the engine in this van they'd found for us. I couldn't believe it. I pulled over and cried. The van is such a BIG blessing for me. Oh, and by the way, the van is no longer uncool. I've decided to try and make the van look cool! Maybe I should put the accordion in it!

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