Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Curse #4- Mother of the Year

Is there a "Mother of the Year" award? Well, if there is I must submit my entry. Here is why I should be "Mother of the Year."

Yesterday, B was with my parents, so it was a Collin and mommy day all day. Only one child, that should be easy, right? I went to the guest house for a quick five minute trip to switch out some laundry out. I cut off the van, (I have a van now! I'll tell you about that on another post.) closed my door, and jumped out. I went to open Collin's door, but it was locked. I tried the driver's door, but it was locked. There must be something about leaving your keys in the ignition that made the door stay locked even when I got out.

Now, while this was going on, Collin woke up and was screaming his head off! My phone was in the van, so I ran up to the barn. "Ran" may be overstating it some. I felt like I was running like the wind, but it probably looked more like a slow jog. A kind person let me call Shad on their phone, and in the calmest way I could, I said, "I've locked the keys inside the van. Collin's inside too. Please get the extra key at the house on the key rack." Shad's calmly replied, "Are you at the guest house?" Oh yeah, minor detail. I was so focused on staying calm, I forgot to mention where I was.

I ran back to the car and realized Collin was quiet. I was suddenly frightened wondering if he was okay. I peered through the window, and was happy to see him soundly sleeping. I stood by the car as it started to drizzle, and waited for Shad. Collin started to wake up, so I pushed up against the van making it rock back and forth. Who knows what people would have thought if they saw me. Fortunately, Shad pulled up and saved the day!

Now, that may not sound impressive. It happens. However, the sad part is I did the same thing when Brandon was about a year old. That time I had to call 911, and the police came to open it. That time, I was so upset when I realized what happened that I hit the door setting off the alarm system. I didn't do that this time. See, I'm learning.

So "Mother of the Year" judges there's my qualifications. I'll be looking for my trophy in the mail.

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