Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Project Life: November 1 - 7

This week was eventful to say the least. This week we welcomed Collin Douglas Lankford into the world! I did not get nearly as many pictures as I wanted to. Shortly after Collin was born, I started shaking really bad and my blood pressure dropped. It took four hours to get the situation somewhat calmed down. I am a normally a calm person, but I was really scared. I just kept prayed the whole time for everything to be ok. They didn't know why it happened at the time, but the next day my blood count was very low. I'm still really weak, but definitely on the mend.

Monday, November 1- No Picture

Tuesday, November 2- Voting Day! Chickfila offered a free pack of 8 nuggets in exchange for your "I voted" sticker. Of course, the Cheapy Cheapskates had to take advantage. Shad almost refused to take this picture. "How many pictures do you have at Chickfila on your blog!" was his response. I know, but I do love Chickfila.

Tuesday, November 2-again- Shad got out of the car to pump gas and had to take his 50% off candy corn with him. I had to take a picture of his stinginess.

Wednesday, November 3- Mimi comes to town. This was right when she first pulled up. Brandon couldn't wait for her to get out of the car before he said hello.

Thursday, November 4- In the hospital, waiting on Collin to show up. Notice the cup in the lower right hand corner. It's hospital ice! I loooooove hospital ice (it's like Sonic ice). I had about 5 cups a day.

Thursday, November 4- Collin arrives, all 10 pounds of him.

Friday, November 5- This picture gets me all teary eyed. This is Shad Lankford the dad. He absolutely adores his boys, and I think you can see it in this picture.

Friday, November 5-again- To all of the women that have the pictures where they look fantastic and glowing right after labor...I hate you. OK, that's a little strong, but I do dislike you. Because of the low blood level, I lost all color (what little I had). After I took that inspiring picture of Shad, he thought we should get a picture of me with Collin. Here's how the conversation went.

Shad-"Let's get a picture of you and Collin."

me- "No,I look like death warmed over!"

Shad- "Put on my hat, and that will make you look better."

Shad takes the picture.

Shad-"Uhhh...Maybe not."

It was all worth it for Collin though!

Friday, November 5- Brandon meets his brother. I didn't get a good picture of it:(:( But this is the present Collin got for Brandon. Brandon got Collin an alligator stuffed animal. I thought a camera may make B feel more involved.

Saturday, November 6- No picture

Sunday, November 7- No picture


  1. Congratulations on your sweet new baby! :)

  2. Steph, I love you guys so much and I'm so happy for you!! I can't wait to see him!!

  3. Yay! Congratulations! I totally understand why Saturday and Sunday are blank :) Enjoy these crazy first few weeks. Love the pics.