Thursday, November 18, 2010

Give Me Five Friday- Thanksgiving Foods

If you've missed it, here's the short version of Give me Five Friday. I like making lists. Every Friday I'll make a list. The only rule is it has to be five things.

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Today, I'd like to share with you my essential Thanksgiving foods.

{five most important Thanksgiving foods}

1. Turkey- I'm not prejudice, ham can hang out on the table, just make sure turkey is on there.

2. Sweet Tea- I'm southern through and through. Isn't this a given? Shouldn't sweet tea be on every table at every meal?

3. Sweet Potato Souffle- Oh how I love this dish! I'm a pecan and brown sugar person, not a marshmallow person. Suggestion: Try dipping ham in sweet potato souffle. They are great friends!

4. Pumpkin Pie- I prefer sweet potato pie, but there's already a sweet potato dish on here. I didn't want to overdue it.

5. Dressing- Stuffing - Whatever you want to call it, I love it. But please, please don't put giblet gravy on it. I have a deep fear of hard boiled eggs. They just turn my stomach.

Hope you have a fantastic Thanksgiving!


  1. giblet gravy is gross. i didnt even know it existed til after i was married and we went to some friends for Thanksgiving. UGH :) {i was expecting our first and was pretty much grossed out by anything, but this was bad}
    i enjoy reading your blessings. and am excited that you got a van!

  2. I can not stand hard boiled eggs. I start gagging just watching someone eat them. So the giblet gravy is not my friend.