Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Project Life: November 17 - 21

Here's this weeks pictures. Again if you want to join in or view other Project Life projects just go to The Mom Creative. We are still transitioning into two kid land, but we are doing great.

Monday, November 17- I think B is really warming up to his new brother. He seems so protective of him. Every so often though, I catch him talking to him like this. By the way, I LOVE this picture!

Monday, November 17 (again)- I just love this picture too! I can't believe God made me the mom of two BOYS!

Tuesday, November 18- B was running in preschool, fell, and hit his face on a table. All boy. All the time.

Wednesday, November 19- I forget what they were watching, but this is a good picture of my mom blissfully happy.

Thursday, November 20- Collin got his first full bath on this day (no more umbilical chord!). This picture was afterwards. I think he was still in shock.

Friday, November 21- We were putting on B's pajamas. We thought it was so funny when his pants got pulled up, then B decided to finish his outfit with a bucket on his head. I'll save this pic for the "future girlfriend file."

Saturday, November 22- No Picture

Sunday,November 21- I forgot to take pictures at church again!!! Collin's going to be 12 before I get pictures of him at a church service. Anyway, we put this up on Sunday. It turned out looking really good.

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