Friday, November 12, 2010

Give Me Five Friday- Hospital Hijinks

If you've missed it, here's the short version of Give me Five Friday. I like making lists. Every Friday I'll make a list. The only rule is it has to be five things.

{five hospital hijinks}

While we were in the hospital so many things happened. God was really with us through it all. Today's five is a few of the funny moments in the hospital. Hope you enjoy!

1. While in the delivery room waiting for Collin to come, we were so excited to see that you could get internet on their tv. Shad decided to start googling images for world's biggest babies. (Are you kidding me? Who does that!!!) I was going to put a picture up for ya'll to see, but those pictures still creep me out. (Too soon, too soon) You don't do that to a woman that's hours away from having a baby. I was nice at first, but after about 10 of those pictures I said, "Stop it, seriously! I'm creeping out!"

2. There was only one male doctor or nurse in the NICU, and you could just tell by the way he carried himself that he thought he was the man. Shad and I were in the NICU at 12:30 at night feeding Collin. When that doctor walked by, Shad just looked at me and said, "Paging Dr. Romeo. Paging Dr. Romeo." I think it was the exhaustion, but I lost it.

3. When the doctor came in to tell me I was being discharged from the hospital she said, "ehhhh...You could still need a blood transfusion. Just keep an eye on yourself, if you feel faint or dizzy, call us." Doesn't that sound confident and reassuring!!! In retelling the story, Shad and I have elaborated it though and had her say, "ehhhhh...You could still need a transfusion. Just call us soon after you pick yourself off the floor after you faint. Make sure you stay in rooms with carpet in them so you don't hurt yourself"

4. There was a dad feeding his son in the same cubby area in the NICU as us. Because it was a gameday, this manly man had on his Philadelphia Eagles jersey. Shortly after feeding his son, he stood up to change a diaper. While changing the diaper, he kept the feeding pillow attached to his waist. That pillow looked just like this one.

We tried not to laugh, but the jersey and the pillow made such a funny combination. Then one of the nurses came by and told him how good he looked, and we all lost it, including the man.

5. We had some AMAZING nurses in the hospital. I have a new found respect for that profession. But there was one nurse in the NICU that Shad and I did not like so much. There were several statements that she made that made us uncomfortable. She just wasn't very sweet to all the babies. However, one statement put us over the edge. When she was talking to a coworker she said, "They asked me to write reports on 6 babies. They picked the wrong person to do that." She was going to be giving our son medicines and taking care of him all night. Shad and I looked at each other with eyes that said, "I'm not leaving my son with her!" We were planning out how we would be there with him all night when a nurse we liked walked in. She was working somewhere else and came in late to the NICU. She had been assigned as Collin's nurse for the night and took over for the bad nurse! It sounds small but this was such an answer to some quick prayers. We had to resist hugging this woman when we heard she was taking over. I got to go to sleep a happy momma!

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