Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Blessing #8 part deux- Perks of Pregnancy

While we were in the hospital, Collin had to spend two days in NICU. He had a fever, and they had to make sure it was not from an infection. I was still recovering on the third floor, and Collin was on the second floor. Shad would have to push me down to the NICU in a wheelchair. On one of those trips, my sweet and loving husband says to me, "Let's see if you can steer this thing." He then pushes me very hard and laughs as I angrily roll down the hallway. When he finally caught me I looked at him and said, "But honey my hemoglobin is low!" He immediatedly rolled his eyes and said, "Not again!"

If you remember in the Perks of Pregnancy, I mentioned that my favorite line was, "But honey I'm pregnant." Here's my discovery, it's transferable! Oh, there is no limit to the uses of this phrase! Just use the basic format of, "But honey I/I'm __________________."

Again it does lose it's power, but the key is to mix it up. Use a different word than "honey." The key is for your spouse never to notice the phrase. If they do it loses its effectiveness. I've learned that one the hard way. Shad has caught on by now with me, but he does laugh and thinks it's cute. I do believe there is a line where my catch phrase won't be cute anymore. I'll let you know when I cross it.

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