Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Blessing #8- The Perks of Pregnancy

I have spent the past nine months of my life carrying my little guy. Many woman have told me that they love being pregnant. I myself would not go that far, but I do not dislike it. I guess I’m neutral, the Switzerland of pregnant women. Anyway, Lord willin’ this is my last day of this pregnancy. I'm so thankful, that everything has gone smoothly so far. Ultimately, that's the biggest blessing, but to mark the momentous occasion, I will let you know what other things I love about being pregnant.

1. Elastic waistbands are not only acceptable they are the norm.

2. Watching my son and husband talk to the little guy in my stomach.

3. Hankerins’- They aren’t as strong as cravings so I call them hankerins’. In the beginning of the pregnancy, I was convinced everything tasted better with a jalapeƱo on it, even ice cream. (I’m not joking. I tried it and loved it.)

4. When someone asks you how your are doing, you can be more honest than normal. It’s fine to say, “I’m feeling a little rough.” Notice, I said you could be MORE honest, not completely honest, just more honest. No one wants to know all the details. I don’t think the world could handle it.

5. During the entire nine months, you never once have to worry about sucking it in.

6. People are friendlier to pregnant women. I love how complete strangers smile at me and ask me how I’m feeling. Sometimes they may feel the need to share with me their own birthing horror story like, “I was in labor for 37 hours!!!” Overall though, the comments are great.

7. My favorite thing about being pregnant is you have the ultimate trump card line during pregnancy, “But honey, I’m pregnant!” Let me show the line used in context.

*** Did your husband park really far out into the store parking lot because he likes to look for money on the ground (another of Shad‘s quirks)? Look at him and use the line, “But honey, I’m pregnant!”

*** In conversation with your spouse
Spouse- “Sweetheart, you’ve been kind of moody today. In fact, I really think I saw your head spin around like Linda Blair in the Excorcist.”
Pregnant woman - “But honey, I’m pregnant!”

Note: This line has a limit of times it can be used before it looses its effectiveness. I don’t know how many it is. Shad would probably know that better than I would. I just know I passed it.

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  1. Steph,
    You make me laugh! Enjoyed reading your take on pregnancy! Praying for you guys! Can't wait to meet Collin!