Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Project Life: November 8 - 14

Here's our Project Life pictures for this week. This week was full of changes and excitement, but it definitely wasn't boring.

November 8- Last moments in the NICU. We were tired, but glad to be going home!

November 8 (again)- Collin goes home! As they were wheeling us out, B wanted to hold onto the side of the wheelchair. The hospital worker was very nice and walked slower so he could. It was a really sweet moment for me. One of my first with my TWO boys!

November 9- Oh those eyes! What are they saying? I wish I knew. They just look like trouble.

November 10- Collin came home Monday, and B got a stomach virus on Tuesday afternoon. That's right, the day after! B is recovering by watching a movie in this picture, while Collin is getting some sun for jaundice. (His expression looks so happy to be getting that sun) Shad is looking up stuff he found in Goodwill on ebay to see if it is valuable.

November 11- This is another picture B took. I can tell you what Collin is thinking, "Personal space kid. Personal space!"

November 12- no picture

November 13- So much confidence and ego in one room! They were just going to the post office, but they did it with style.

November 13 (again)- I caught him midyawn. It looks like a smile. Oh how I love this little guy already!

November 14- We took Collin to church for the first time, and I didn't take any pictures. What was I thinking? I'll have to get some next week. Our landlord got Collin and B some presents. B loved his. This was the city he made.


  1. I love all the new pics! Collin looks a lot like Brandon! I hope you guys are doing well, and of course being spoiled by your mom!

  2. I am glad things are looking up for y'all. Your Dad had lunch with us on Sunday and it was great catching up with all the news. He is so looking forward to seeing his new grandson and most definitely getting to take his sweetheart back home.
    Joyce Vest

  3. Trio blocks are my boys favorite toy around here. They spend hours every day playing with them! Such cute little boys you have there! :)

  4. He really likes the trio blocks. He's played alot with them. I was really surprised.

  5. Hi Steph!! It looks like your are doing well!! Collin is just so adorable!! I read your blog regularly, (you are so funny!) and it definitely helps me to appreciate the small things in life. Tell B I said hi and I miss seeing him at hucks! Oh and tell Shad I said hello as well! miss you all!!

  6. Laci, We miss you too!!! I have not been able to come back to GA since last Christmas. That's just wrong!!! I would do anything for a bowl of stew from Huck's. Thanks for the nice comments about the blog. I've really enjoyed working on it. Hope you are doing well!