Monday, November 1, 2010

Curse #2- Sowing and Reaping

I always knew the Biblical concept of sowing and reaping, but since I had a child I have lived this concept. Things I did to my mother, my son now does to me.

Shortly after learning the word "no," I refused to wear any of the ruffles and frills my mom tried to put on me. It wasn't me, and I would beg not to wear them. I’m sure my mom was disappointed, but she let me be me. This difference did not flare up again until Brandon was born. My mom wanted to dress him in sailor suits and things with smocking on them. Her argument was, "You can only dress them like this when they are babies." My argument was, "It's just not my style." Again, she was disappointed, but let me be me.

Recently, I have reaped those actions towards my mother in my son's life. When Brandon started pre-school, I got him several pairs of track pants. I thought they were more comfortable and would be perfect for fall, but B felt differently. After wearing the track pants for a few days, he started begging to wear his jeans. The first word out of his mouth every morning was, “Jeeeeeeeeeeans.“ I don't know why he doesn’t like these track pants, maybe he thinks they are pajamas. Occasionally, I can get him to wear them, but he asks to wear his jeans the entire time. Fortunately, I got all the track pants at yards sales. I think I may have spent $8 for all of them. It’s not a great loss, so I don’t force him to wear them. I pick my battles, and jeans versus track pants is a battle I don’t care to fight. I'll just take a cue from my mom and let B be B. (Read that sentence out loud. It's a tongue twister.)

Now his jean preferences are even more specific. He has “big” jeans and “small” jeans. Let me show you some examples. (Note: In both pictures his pants are above his "construction" boots. He's been wearing these boots for three weeks now. In the beginning I cared and would fix them. After three weeks, I no longer care.)

These are "Big Jeans"

These are his "Small Jeans." This is the only pair he calls "Small Jeans."

He would prefer to wear “big” jeans, but he will wear his small jeans for me. He only had one pair of “big” jeans, and they would get very dirty. This worked out good because I could just say, "No big jeans today, because they are dirty." However, his loving Mimi just sent him several pairs of jeans she got at a thrift store. As soon as B opened the package he said, “Big Jeans!” My mom says she was just being nice to her grandson, but I think it was my mom's passive aggressive attempt to get back at me. I knew I would be doing some reaping, but I didn't expect my mom to help out.


  1. Brandon is a boy who knows what he likes just like his mom. I always said "I hope you have a child just like you one day" & guess what it has come to pass. Reaping & Sowing or Vengence is mine sayeth the Lord.

  2. That's my point exactly mom!!! The verse does not say vengeance is mine and your mom can help out too!