Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Project Life: November 22- 28

I hope ya'll had a good Thanksgiving. Here's this weeks pictures. Again if you want to join in or view other Project Life projects just go to The Mom Creative.

November 22- This is my favorite picture of this week. This was right when my dad got into town. I love that look on B's face. He's so proud to have his Poppy.

November 23- Poppy and the boys

November 24- Collin's first trip to the Waffle House!!! Here's a sad fact: For some reason, I cannot remember to get a picture of Collin at his "first" church service, but I got a picture of his first trip to Waffle House.

November 25- Since we won't see my parents at Christmas, we had Christmas on Thanksgiving. This is Brandon opening Collin's presents from my parents. He must be thinking, "You snooze you loose kid!"

November 27- B's Uncle Chad sent him and Collin John Deere boots. (Yes, he has them on the wrong feet.) Ever since he got them B has shown everyone his John Deere "bootsis" as he calls them. Maybe these will replace the rain...I mean construction boots.

November 27 (again)- No, Shad does not have Collin in a choke hold. He's just burping him. Don't you just love that hat!

November 28 - Shad spotted this bald eagle on our way to church. We had to pull over and take a picture! Then while we were eating after church, Shad said, "We didn't get pictures of Collin at church again!" I will not forget next Sunday. I will not forget next Sunday! I WILL NOT FORGET NEXT SUNDAY!!!

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  1. Hey Steph,

    These were great. Congrats on the new addition!