Thursday, October 20, 2011

50 for 30 - Week #2

Remember when I went to the doctor with the boys and it didn't go so great? The boys definitely made it memorable, but something else made that trip memorable the...


I have managed to avoid weighing myself since Collin was born, and I was good at ignoring the fact that my clothes were getting tight. Surely my dryer was just shrinking all my clothes. However, during that doctor's visit, I couldn't avoid it anymore. When I stepped on the scale, the cold, hard truth stared back at me in red glowing numbers.

Honestly, when I first saw those glowing red numbers (which I will not be posting on the blog), I thought, "Hold on...Let me put Collin down," but then I realized I wasn't holding Collin and every bit of the glowing red numbers was me.

Next, I had a moment of inner meltdown that was a mixture of sadness and anger. Some of those thoughts were...

"Hold on...Let me try that again without my shoes. My shoes have got to way at least 2...or 30 pounds."

"Seriously, there must be something wrong with this scale."

"I bet this scale wasn't even made in America. It was probably made in a country that uses the metric system."

"Why do these numbers have to be red. Why not a happier color like yellow?"

"That's my seven months pregnant with Brandon weight....but I'm not pregnant" (wail, sob, sob, sob)

In that moment though, thanks to the glowing red numbers, I realized I could no longer deny it (or blame it on my dryer). I needed to make a change.

With my 30th birthday approaching next May, I thought a great gift to give myself would be to lose 50 pounds by my birthday. I sat down and charted it out to make sure it was feasible in the time I had, and if I lose 1.5 pounds a week (average weight loss), I will reach my goal by my birthday. You know me. I had to make sure the math worked.

Week #1- 5.3 pounds lost

Week #2- 1.2 pounds lost

Total weight loss is 6.5 pounds.

Next week, I'll share what I am doing to make these changes, and I'll also share some pictures.


  1. You have many gifts. Exhortation is one of them. You encourage others by using yourself as an example. Thank you for not being afraid to use your gift. #3

  2. Very proud of you.  You can do it I have no doubt.  Love you #3s#1

  3. Steph. you are an encouragement to me!! - been having the same inner meltdown since Corban was born. I look forward to knowing how you are doing this [and being encouraged to keep going myself!] I actually just put batteries back in our scale yesterday. lol

  4. I'm starting Zumba back up around the 1st of December..... you would LOVE it!  I've got to get rid of my "Taco-Bell Cravings Baby Weight!"

  5. Way to go!!  I know how you feel!  I am pretty sure my dryer has also been shrinking clothes.

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