Monday, October 3, 2011

Curse #29 - The small noises

I can handle loud noises. I taught high school, and now I have two loud little boys.

High pitched screams

Banging on pots

Repeating “Mom” over and over again

Loud electronic toys


Those loud noises don’t faze me at all. They are simply the background noise to my normal day. However, some noises drive me crazy. I’m not normally an angry person, but when I hear these certain noises it takes all I have not to yell at someone.

chips being crunched

gum being smacked

soda being slurped

a spoon hitting teeth

Although I can handle loud noises, these small noises drive me up the wall. Almost every argument my mom and I have ever had started with me freaking out and saying, "Could you chew any louder?"

The other night, Shad and I had a playful disagreement (not a full on argument, but a playful disagreement). As I sat on the couch, I heard a loud, "Sluuuuurrrrrp." I looked only to see Shad looking straight at me. I glared at him and he said, "Yeah, that was just for you."

When my dearly beloved, sweet, little five year old son, eats chips, I think I am going to lose my mind. I feel like the worst mother in the world that this would even bother me, but recently, I learned that my quirk has a name, misophonia. You can read about it by clicking here. Although I'm not normally a hypochondriac, I am self diagnosing myself as a misophoniac. Strangely, it makes me feel a little better that there is a name for it. Now I just have to find a name for the "I have to have the sheets perfectly straight before I can go to sleep" disorder.

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