Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Blessing #92 - Sheena's Shower

A few months ago, my friend Rachel asked if I'd like to help with a baby shower for our friend Sheena.

Quick. Say this five time fast: A shower for Sheena's son, Santino

Back to the point.

I love baby showers and chances to be creative. The mom-to-be Sheena is one of my favorite people ever so I could not resist.

After an intense planning session at Chickfila, Rachel and I settled on a fall theme.

For the tables, we used white plastic table cloths and brown craft paper wrapping paper from the Dollar Tree as the table runners. The only pop of color we had on the table was the fabric remnants Rachel already had that we used as placemats/chargers.

For the decorations around the party, Rachel and I brought anything from our houses that we thought we could use. The panels behind the food table were from Rachel's house. They were the exact width of the ceiling tiles which made them super easy to hang.

We spent $18 at the Dollar Tree for table clothes, candles, the wrapping paper for the tables, and other odds and ends. We spent $17 at Target for plates, napkins, and silverware. Because we used our stuff from home, our total spent for decorating was only $35.

We stayed true to our fall theme by serving soup at the shower, and other "fallish" foods.

I had the best time working on this shower. Rachel and I worked really well together. Oh! I forgot to tell you the kicker. At the time of the shower, Rachel was just two weeks away from having her fourth child. Yes! She is superwoman.

I also loved working on this shower because of who it was celebrating. Shortly after I moved to MD, the Lord placed Sheena in my life. We have a mutual love of all things nerdy (she's an engineer), google, and purses. She is very supportive of this blog, and always encourages me to keep writing.

Earlier in the year, Sheena had a miscarriage. As her friend, I was heartbroken to see her in so much pain. However, on this day, the day we celebrated Santino, I'm so glad I got to be there to see her joy.

Sheena, I'm so thankful God is bringing your story full circle, and I can't wait to meet 'Tino.

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  1. Everything looked great.  Very creative.  You need to go into  business together.  Love #3s#1