Monday, November 21, 2011

Blessing #93 - My view

We are currently in the process of moving. I would tell you how much I hate moving, but this is a blessing post so I won't.

We are moving a whopping two minutes away, and it's a lot of work packing every item you own into boxes, loading it all onto a truck, driving two minutes down the road, unloading all the boxes into another house, unpacking the boxes you just packed, and reorganizing everything in the new house. (pardon my run on sentence, but I'm stressed)

There are many things I am going to miss about our current house...

The big bay window

The sycamore trees

The wide planked kitchen floors

The dishwasher...(no, there's not a dishwasher in the new house)

But the thing I will miss the most about this house is the view and what it means to me.

When we first moved to Maryland,the house we were going to rent fell through just a few days after we made the move up here. I still remember it clearly. We found out on Sunday after church. As soon as Shad told me, I felt the tears starting. He then went on to say,

"You can't panic until Thursday. If we don't have a house on Thursday, then you can panic, but not until Thursday."

Surprisingly, his tactic worked, but I was already planning my apocalyptic meltdown for that Thursday.

Monday, we searched all day for a rental in our price range. Every rental we looked at was cramped housing in a rough neighborhood, and my spirits were sinking with every one we saw.

Monday night, Shad's mom mentioned a house that looked empty and might be for rent.

Tuesday morning, I walked into the house, and looked around. As soon as I saw the view out back, I began to cry. In that moment, I was overwhelmed by God's goodness to me.

Somehow, in the midst of the heartache of leaving Georgia and the move, God gave me something I had always wanted, a house in the country.

Every time I look at my view, I am reminded of God's love for me.

I am convinced that my view is a gift God made just for me to help me heal during a difficult time. Sure, other people get to enjoy it, but I know the truth. He made it just for me.


  1. that is an AWESOME view. I can see why you will miss it. Is not God SOOO good to give us just what we need when we feel things are falling apart!?