Sunday, November 6, 2011

Random Acts of Craftiness #7- Sack of Potatoes Costume

Wednesday, I posted about B's tornado costume. For Collin's costume I decided to make a "Sack of Potatoes."

Originally, Collin was going to wear B's first Halloween costume, a skunk. Then I saw this pin on pinterest, and I knew I had to make a sack of potatoes.

I started with a pillowcase from Goodwill that cost $1.

I tried to fit the pillow case on Collin, but that proved to be impossible.

I resorted to plan B, and just used the shirt Collin had on to decide my fit.

I sewed up the sides and left space for armholes. I didn't even bother making the armholes look nice. I wanted a frayed look.

I folded the top down and made a pocket. Afterwards, I threaded a strip of material through the pocket. When it was tied, this gave the costume the gathered look.

At this point, I tried the costume on Collin and cut the length where I wanted it. I cut it slightly longer than a shirt. Again, I didn't bother hemming the end because I was going for the frayed look.

I cut stencils for the logo out of shelf paper with my silhouette machine.

First, I painted on the background. (I got a little impatient and dried it with my hair dryer on the cool setting.)

Then I painted on the letters. Get it...Sacko Potatoes...Sack o' potatoes. I also liked "Lankford Packing Company" at the bottom.

Now, I just needed to add some taters! To do this I used a pair of panty hose from the dollar tree. To stuff the potatoes, I used a stuffed animal from Goodwill. I picked something that B or Collin wouldn't care about because I knew I was just going to rip it open and use the stuffing. I found this pink easter basket that didn't have a face on it, and cut it up for the stuffing.

I used a needle and thread to sew up the potatoes and make the eyes of the potatoes.

Here's the finished product on my little man. Cost: Pillow case $1, panty hose $1, stuffed animal for stuffing $1, and I already had the paints and the thread. Total cost...$3!

And now the finished product...

I loved this costume, and it was well worth the effort for such a sweet look!

I'll be linking this up to these sites.

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  1. Really cute & very creative.  #3s#1