Monday, November 7, 2011

Curse #33- Moments of Cluelessness

Sometimes, I have my moments of genius. Like when I decided to paint the doors of my armoire with chalkboard paint...genius. Or when I fixed the speedometer on our car by googling it...genius. When I decided to teach mixed number subtraction with regrouping by making it a story about the whole number land and fraction number land, and the perils of #1 as he moves between the two lands...wordy, but still genius.

Those are the moments when I feel like a genius. The moments when I know if I took an IQ test, Mensa would welcome me into its prestigious club with open arms.

As wonderful as my moments of genius are, a more common occurrence for me is a moment of cluelessness. Saturday, I had a moment of cluelessness in Walmart. For some reason, many of my moments of cluelessness happen in Walmart. I am convinced that my IQ drops 20 points as soon as I walk in the door, and I am incapable of completing a thought.

Saturday, I found myself in Walmart looking for cake mix for Collin's birthday cupcakes. Unable to think clearly, I just stood in front of all the choices stunned. The woman who explained limits and calculus to a student on Thursday, was the same woman baffled between devil's food, german chocolate, or funfetti.

Finally, I settled on one of my all time favorites, red velvet cake. As soon as I got home, I started making Collin's cupcakes. Everything was going great until I gave Collin the cupcakes.

Do you see it? Thanks to the RED velvet cupcakes and his brilliant mom, Collin's first birthday pictures look like a scene from the new Twilight movie. Why didn't I think that one through? Thanks a lot Walmart for giving me yet another moment of cluelessness.


  1. Great post.  love you #3s#1

  2. That's awesome!  Hilarious!  Laugh-out-loud funny....

    ...and strangely, now I want red velvet!

  3. Yeah, but he really does make a cute vampire!  Much better looking than the guy that actually stars in the movie!