Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Blessing #156 - Fireplace Makeover

Yesterday, I promised that my fireplace makeover did not end with just the mantle.  Oh no! There is more.

Here is a before of my fireplace.

It really seemed to scream, "Hello, it's me! Red outdated brick! I'm here!"  I wanted to tone it's look down a bit without doing anything really dramatic.  Last Monday, I updated it using this method from East Coast Creative.    It did not take long, and I love the amazing impact it made.

A little paint made such a difference.  We have never had stockings before, but Shad really wanted some for this year.  I found a good sale at Kirkland's and got them for $7 a piece.  I hung them on the mantel by Scotch Command Hooks.  The white hooks blend in with the mantel, and when Christmas is over they come off clean.

At the end of winter last year, we found the fire place screen for $7.  Although we cannot light a fire in the fireplace, Shad wanted to use candles to get a similar feeling.  We rounded up every candle we had in our house, and we love how they warm up the room.

Now we are really enjoying our fireplace.  The other night, I couldn't help but snap a few pictures as we watched the football game.

I thought about putting our initials on the stockings, but I felt that your eye went right to the initial and not the mantle so I ditched the initial.

This is probably one of my favorite updates to the house.  It has made such a huge difference.

Now I am really enjoying our fireplace.  It has quieted down and is not screaming nearly as loud.


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