Monday, December 17, 2012

Blessing #164 - A Mother's Love

A mother's love is a force of nature that you never really understand until you feel it's strength completely turn your heart upside down for someone that calls you, "Mom," (even if they use that name a hundred times a day).

A mother's love is not restricted by time.  It begins long before a mother holds her baby in her arms.  My best friend is having her son tomorrow, but she has felt a mother's love for over seven years.  Every time a doctor said they didn't know what was wrong, every time she kept searching and trying something new, every time she cried out to God for help, she had a mother's love.

A mother's love knows no bounds like geography, race,  or DNA as a mother can see a picture of a child a continent away and a mother's love whispers, "That is my child."

A mother's love is brave as she looks death in the eyes just to bring her child into the world, and only a mother's love could make her forget the pain and choose to do it again and again.

A mother's love can take a selfish, self centered woman (like me) and turn her into a self sacrificing mother who regularly puts her children's needs before her own.

A mother's love can make a dignified grown woman jump up and down and clap her hands when her child goes to the potty for the first time.

A mother's love keeps searching for answers when the doctors say her child is fine, but her instincts say something is wrong.

A mother's love makes her know the name of every train that lives on the Island of Sodor because that's the show that her son loves.

A mother's love makes her hold her breath and feel a lump in her throat with each step of independence her child takes as they grow their wings.

A mother's love can be fierce as a bear when she feels her children are threatened, but as tender as a soft kiss on a fevered fore head.

A mother's love is limited, and it breaks every mother's heart to know this truth.  As much as she tries and as hard as she loves, she can not fix every boo boo and protect her child from the world around them.

A mother's love drops her to her knees as she cries to the God whose love for her children exceeds her own, knowing that no height, no depth, and no creature can separate them from His limitless love.

A mother's love unites.  Even if two mother's have completely different parenting styles, they can agree on how much they love their children.  Knowing my love for my little six year old makes my heart absolutely break for the mothers of the six year olds killed in Connecticut.

Twenty mother's in Connecticut are facing the nightmare no mother wants to face because as fierce and strong as a mother's love is, a mother's sorrow has to be just as fierce and strong.

Friday morning, I snapped this picture of B as he walked into school.  I don't know if I will ever watch him walk in the door of the school again and not think of those mothers.  Lord, please be with them, and let them feel your love today and the days to come.

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