Monday, December 31, 2012

Curse #49 - It Could Be Worse

Christmas was rough.  When life gets rough, I always say the same phrase, "It could be worse!"

Monday (the week before Christmas) Shad found out some news at work about changes next year and end of the year bonuses that wasn't great news for us. When Shad told me, I said, "It could be worse!"

Tuesday my throat started hurting.  Wednesday I had a fever.  Thursday the doctor said, it's the flu.  Immediately, I thought, "It could be worse.  At least we caught it quick and it's not in my lungs."  

Friday, I woke up, and struggled to breath.  It had moved to my lungs.  Weakly, I though, "It could be worse (cough cough cough)." 

Saturday, Collin started with a fever, and we knew he had the flu.  I don't think I said, "It could be worse," at this point. 

Sunday, after three phone calls and some begging, I was so excited to get Collin some tamiflu, but my excitement was short lived when the pharmacist told me they were all out of tamiflu.  (Fortunately for me, this Rite Aid pharmacist called six other pharmacies until she found one that had tamiflu for me.)

Sunday night, I wanted to get out.  After dragging myself to the car, I was so excited to drive around and see some Christmas lights with Shad and the boys.  Then as we were in a drive thru, our car started smoking.  At this point, I couldn't be positive anymore. This was the last straw. Shad looked at me and said,  "I'm calling it," and we both said together, "Worst Christmas Ever!"
 I want to keep things in perspective, and I don't want to have a bad attitude. I realize having the flu on Christmas is not the end of the world.  I realize we are very blessed with food on the table,  presents under the tree, and boys beside me but why is it that when I say the phrase, "It could be worse," it actually gets worse!

A few years ago, I retired the phrase, "I will never," because I realized God has a sense of humor with me. Now, I will no longer be saying, "It could be worse," because it will always get worse.  

The week before Christmas was rough, but after Sunday though, we really had a sweet Christmas, a completely different Christmas, but a sweet Christmas. We were even able to get out on Christmas day for our Waffle House tradition.  Our Christmas changed when we all decided to make the best of what we had because we have a lot.  Now, instead of saying, "It could be worse," I think I'll just take Bing's advice and calculate my blessings.  

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