Thursday, December 13, 2012

Blessing #162 - Monograms

During 31 Days to Love your Home, I mentioned my gallery plate wall.  I started to put it up, and I realized I didn't like the way it looked.  

For a few months, the wall stayed this way while I decided what I wanted. As much as I thought about it, the answer to what the wall needed was simple.  I'm a southern woman, and for a southern woman there is always one answer to, "What does this need?"


Reese Witherspoon said it best when she said, "My rule is, if it's not moving, monogram it!" I really don't know what it is, but I just think they are beautiful.

Now, that wall looks like this.

It's perfect! I painted the sign using a stencil I made with my silhouette cutter. Now, I get a monogram and my lace edge plates all in one wall! I found all the plates at different yard sales and thrift stores.  The one up top came from a friend that saw that I collected lace edge plates.  I needed two more plates, and I found the top right and bottom left plates at an antique store in Georgia.

Here is how the wall looked during my favorite things party.

Eventually, I want a longer buffet to go where the dresser is, and I want lamps on either side of the gallery wall....eventually.

I love how very "southern" this wall looks to me with the dainty plates and monogram. It's nice to have a taste of the south up here in Maryland. I do believe Scarlet herself would be proud.

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