Monday, February 21, 2011

Blessing #32 - God's sense of humor

When it comes to me, God has a sense of humor. It's almost like He and I have inside jokes. Times when I know He has to be laughing at me or teasing me. Let me explain...

1. I've mentioned this before, but when I was a teenager, my mom told me I should think about becoming a teacher. She believe I had a "way with kids" and a "teaching spirit." After letting her know how crazy she was, I proceeded to rant about how much I loathed teaching. Much to my surprise though, a few years later I changed my major to teaching, and found my passion.

2. When I saw Shad for the first time, I was waiting in a crowded room. Someone kept "shooshing" the crowd. They would yell, "Shhhh!" and everyone would get quiet, and then everyone would realize that they didn't need to be quiet. Someone just liked to yell, "Shhh!" It was kind of funny the first time it was done, but this person kept shooshing. Annoyed, I said, "Who is doing that." My best friend pointed out the culprit, and I looked across the room and saw Shad, the shooshing bandit, for the first time. God in His wisdom, had to laugh when He heard the next words out of my mouth. I saw Shad and said, "What an idiot!" Well college Stephanie, that IDIOT is the love of your life, and even more scarily, that IDIOT will be the father of your children!

3. The first time I was introduced to Shad, I was busy studying for a class. A mutual friend introduced Shad and I, but I didn't pay Shad much attention. He used the best lines he had, but I still didn't pay attention. One reason was I was too busy studying, also I thought he was an idiot (remember?). After our not so memorable conversation, Shad looked at me and said, "Whoever dates you is going to have to carry a math book around!" Well college Shad,he won't carry a math book. In fact, he will not like math at all (although I try to get him to)!

4. Before moving to Maryland, I had a conversation with a close friend. When the subject of moving near my in-laws came up, I said, "Oh, at least, we'll be thirty minutes away!" Two days after moving to Maryland, our 30 minutes away house fell through, and we ended up renting a house 2 minutes from my in-laws. The big surprise is that I love living near my in-laws! I calculate getting to know my in-laws as the biggest blessing in moving to Maryland.

Do you see it? God's sense of humor with me. I think it's His way of showing me that I don't know everything, and that sometimes what seems terrible (or like an IDIOT) may be a huge blessing in disguise!

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  1. Great post. I think God has that same sense of humor with each one of us, but it's really great when we can recognize it. Love you #3s#1