Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Blessing #33- Improvising

To all the parents out there that can walk around in a store with their baby contently in their car seat, I say, "Boooo! Boo on you!"

Sorry for my negative tone, but I'm just jealous. Neither of my boys would do that. Around two months, both boys decided they did not like their car seat.

With my first son Brandon, I would just keep taking him in stores in his car seat, and wonder why he was crying. Then one day, I gave up and let him sit up in the buggy. He was so happy and content. Having learned my lesson, as soon as Collin started fussing in his seat, I let him sit in the buggy.

Now this isn't easy when the baby can't sit up. A mom has to get creative. Here's some helpful tips when you do this.

Keep a blanket handy. You can use it as padding on the baby's back and when you wrap it around them and then latch the safety belt, it helps keep them stable.

Use whatever is near you to prop the baby up in the buggy. Once I had to use....*ahem*....feminine products to prop up Collin. (They were soft and the perfect size. Don't judge!) If you want to see a grown man fidget, just make him walk around with...*ahem*....feminine products shoved under his son's arms. Desperate times call for desperate measures!

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  1. Oh my word, totally LOL'd at the feminine products "prop". Hahaha. We've had a few moments of not wanting to ride in the seat, so I started carrying my baby K'tan carrier with me in the diaper bag. A lifesaver!