Thursday, February 10, 2011

Blessing #28 - Shedding

Pregnancy can do some crazy things to a woman. Currently, I am experiencing a phenomenom that I had with Brandon...massive shedding (There's an explanation for this phenomenom here.) I'm shedding hair worse than Tigger in June!

"I resent that!!!"

Sorry Tigs. With my hair type (straight and fine), volumizing my hair has been a lifelong pursuit. This amount of shedding makes volume an impossibility. This may be petty to some, but at some point I will end up in tears over this issue. However, I am handling it better this time than last time for two reasons. This time, I knew it was coming. Secondly, I keep focusing on the reason this shedding is happening and three words keep coming to my mind...

Totally worth it!


  1. cute! cute! cute! #3s#1

  2. I totally understand! My hair is everywhere!! They say it gets better around 6 months!

  3. cute! cute! cute! #3s#1