Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Curse #10- Shad's Contest

This has been our homepage for the past month. Every time I start up the internet I am greeted with this lovely site. Yes, that’s right HGTV. What’s really funny is Shad is the one that made this our homepage, not me. Does he love decorating ideas? No. Does he like seeing home improvement projects? No. Is he Candace Olsen’s #1 fan? No. Shad has HGTV as our homepage because of the HGTV dream home.

This is just another of Shad’s crazy quirks, he loves contests. However, I do not love him and his contests. Let me explain.

Recently, a college football group or something gave away a Ford F-250. Shad entered to win about a month before they gave the truck away. For a month, I heard about that Ford F-250 every day. He would ask me questions like, “Do you think that truck could fit two car seats?“ He put a picture of the truck on his phone. One day when we were out and about, a stranger needed to borrow his phone. When she gave the phone back she said, “I love that truck.“ Shad just smiled and didn’t correct her.

His love of contests would not normally bother me. I don’t like to rain on his parade, but I know what is coming at the end of every contest. Ultimately, if…when he lost the truck I knew he would be terribly let down. He moped around for about a day pouting, missing "his" truck. The only thing that got him over losing the F-250 was learning about the HGTV Dream Home giveaway.

Now, HGTV is my homepage so he’ll remember to enter every day. Every night, he announces how many days until HGTV gives the house away (8 days). He is practicing his reaction if…when he wins. He has viewed the pictures of the house countless times. He has picked out the boys room and his man cave. He has map quested how far the dream home is from us because he has to find the quickest route to get to the dream house right after he wins it. He did not want me to post this because he didn’t want anyone else to enter and lessen his chances. Again, I don’t want to rain on his parade, but I know that let down and pouting is coming soon (8 days according to Shad’s last announcement). Oh well, when…if he does lose, I will just have to distract him with another contest. I'll gather up all my receipts with the "Take a Survey and Win $1000" up and let him enter all those.

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