Friday, February 11, 2011

Give me Five Friday - {showing LoVe}

Valentine's Day is Monday!!! I loved Valentine's Day even before I had a Valentine. I always believed you don't have to have A LOVE on Valentine's. You just need to have LOVE. So this week's five is in honor of V-day.

{five ways to show love}

1. A Helpful Act- Find what someone needs, and help them out.

2. Food - A meal or a baked treat is an excellent way to show someone love, and it gives me an excuse to try a new recipe!

3. Plan an Adventure- This is my favorite way to show love to my family. I love planning a day for one of my guys. Find something they like and make it an adventure! Try to visit as many of their favorite stores as possible, plan a progressive meal at several different restaurants, do a scavenger hunt around town you can make anything an adventure!

4. Personalized Gift- I'm not talking about towels with someone's initial. A personalized gift finds someones quirks or a thing they love and recognizes that. Just last night, Shad got me some Valentine Peeps! (I love Peeps! I tried to join the fan club once.) Personalized gifts aren't really about the gift itself, but it's more about the thought. Personalized gifts are a way to say, "I pay attention to you!"

5. Card- Sometimes the right card can say what I feel, but wasn't eloquent enough write. When I shop for a card I keep looking until I tear up. That's when I know I've found the right card

I hope your Valentine's Day brings you lots of love! To show all the people love that take time to read my ramblings, Calculating Blessings will be giving away $20 off at Dayspring online to one of you readers! The giveaway starts Monday, so come back Monday to enter!

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