Friday, February 4, 2011

Give Me Five Friday- {signs of a bad day}

The boys and I have had a few bad days this week. These haven't been "down in the dumps" kind of bad days, but rather "things aren't running smoothly" bad days. I thinks it's a combination of B being cooped up way too long, me having too little patience, and Collin refusing to take a bottle. (Don't worry. We switched bottles and fixed that last problem.) So today's five is in honor of our bad days.

{five signs the boys and I are having a bad day}

1. It's lunch and we are still wearing our pajamas.

2. Mt. Laundry is reaching record heights.

3. There is lots of crying and whining (and that's just from me).

4. When Shad walks in the door for lunch he hears, "Just fix yourself a sandwich."

5. I have to count "1...2...3" a bunch.

On these bad days I always think of the quote from Anne of Green Gables. "Tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it." What bothers me most about bad days is not the boys messes, but my own mistakes. Those times I let my temper show. However, I'm so glad we can say a prayer for strength and try all over again tomorrow. I'm glad God's mercies are new every morning. "After all...tomorrow is another day!" (I couldn't resist another movie quote!)

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