Thursday, February 17, 2011

Blessing #31 - The Ultimate Comeback Line

This Valentine’s, Shad got me one of the best presents ever! It wasn’t chocolate, roses, or jewelry. It wasn’t expensive. In fact, it was free. Shad got me the “ultimate comeback line.”

Let me explain…

Friday, Shad called in to the local radio station, Shine FM, to play the “Ah, Um” game. (I told you he likes contests.) He had to speak for 20 seconds on a topic that the radio hosts gave him without saying “ah” or “um.” The hosts interviewed him for a few seconds, and then they gave Shad his topic, “Everything I (Shad) Know About Women.”

He excitedly started into his 20 second speech about everything he knew about women, except something crazy happened. He said um 8 seconds into it. 8 seconds! (*rolling laughing*) 8 seconds! (*slapping my knee*). Everything he knew about women, and he ran out at 8 seconds!

And that is the gift, the ultimate comeback line. When shad says something smart aleck to me, and I can‘t think of what to say…BOOM…use the ultimate comeback line. “This coming from the man whose knowledge of women is 8 seconds worth.“ I may use variations of the phrase to keep it fresh, because I will use it often.

I can just picture. Shad and I, in our 80’s, sitting on our front porch and rocking in our rockers….

Shad: “That chicken you made tonight was dry!”

Steph: “What did you say? You are the coolest guy?”

Shad: “That’s true (hee hee hee). I said your chicken was dry.”

Finally realizing what Shad said, I slowly bring my hands up with eight fingers showing.

Shad: “Really!?! It’s been 50 years. Don’t you thinks it’s getting old?

Steph: “Yes I am bold!”

Shad: “NO! Don’t you think it’s getting OLD!!!”

Steph: “Nope, still funny (hee hee hee). It’s the ultimate comeback line!”

Shad, thank you so much for my gift. It’s just my size XS, extra sarcastic.

****The winner of the $20 Dayspring giveaway was Mom in Orbit. Thanks for entering!

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