Monday, February 11, 2013

Blessing #184 - Homemade Butterfingers

It's Valentine's Week! Yes, that's right I said week! My love for Shad is way to big to fit into one day and that's why I like to stretch it out into a week.  In October, we celebrate Shad's birthday week, and in February, we celebrate Valentine week.  During Valentine week, I like to have a small surprise for Shad everyday.  Nothing big, just a little way to say, "I love you."

Celebrating these weeks helps me stay intentional in showing Shad love.  He really looks forward to these weeks, and I love planning them.

On Saturday, I surprised him with homemade butterfingers, and I just had to share them on the blog.

Actually.....I must be honest the homemade butterfingers was supposed to be his surprise for Sunday.  Saturday, I was a bit cranky, a regular ol' grumpelstiltskin. Although the butterfingers were for Sunday's surprise, I had to use them as a peace offering on Saturday.  Nothing says I'm sorry better than chocolate!

When I saw this recipe, I was very skeptical, but the recipe is super simple.  Sandwich two cheez-its together with a little bit of peanut butter. Dip the whole thing in chocolate (I used almond bark).  Peanut butter and chocolate are soul mates, but throw in a cheez-it and I start gagging.

Much to my surprise, they tasted very similar to butter fingers minus the ability to rip out all the fillings in your teeth.  

Butterfingers are one of Shad's favorite candy bars, and this was a simple little treat that he really enjoyed. It's a simple way to say I love you.....or in my case, I'm sorry.

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  1. Hmmm.. peanut butter, chocolate, and cheez-its?? That does not sound like a good mix... which is all the more reason I have to try it! haha! And butterfingers are my husband's FAVORITE candy bar! So I'm going to make him some this weekend!!