Thursday, February 21, 2013

Blessing #187 - Foam Core Chalkboard

Today's project is just a simple tip.  A few weeks ago, my friend asked me to make some chalkboard art for the church Valentine's Banquet.  Thanks to Less Than Perfect Life of Bliss, I knew that black poster board worked for a quick chalkboard.

One Saturday morning, I set out to get two black poster boards, but there must have been some kind of big project due at a local school because there was no poster board...NONE! I had to settle for Plan B which was black foam core board, and in the end I fell in love with Plan B!

All you need for this quick chalkboard is black foam core board, chalk, and some dry paper towels.

When I first tried to write on the board, it wouldn't all.

I almost just threw the board away, but I decided to try one last thing.  Any time I have used chalk board paint, I always have to prime the chalkboard by rubbing it all over with chalk.  I decided to try to prime the foam core board and see what would happen.

I completely rubbed down the board with chalk.

Don't be stingy with the chalk, and make sure every inch in covered.  Once the whole board is covered, blend it all in with a dry paper towel.

After I primed the board, I tried chalk again, and it erased perfectly with a dry paper towel! (Yes, I did my happy dance.)

Once I got to work on the project, I realized one major benefit of using foam core board, and I loved it even more.

After working very hard on the menu board, I realized it was off center. Normally, I'm not a huge perfectionist, but this drove me nuts!

I wasn't about to redo all my work, but I found an easier solution.

Instead of erasing all the work, I just cut an inch off one of the sides and adjusted just a few things.

Originally, these boards were the same size.  The love is sweet board had a lot of dead space at the bottom so I just cut it off.

At the banquet, my friend used an easel to display the board.

Next time you have a party and need a chalkboard a foam core board is an awesome, cheap alternative. Foam core board is definitely one of my new favorites!



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