Thursday, February 7, 2013

Curse #51 - Falling Off the Wagon

For four weeks, I repeat four weeks I did not watch the Bachelor.  That may not seem like a big deal to you, but for me four weeks Bachelor free is a big accomplishment.  In the past, I've blogged about my problem. I know it's not high quality television and I still believe it's degrading to women, but so help me I love it.

However, as much as I love the show after the last round of the Bachelorette, I took it a little too far, and decided to quit the Bachelor.  Let me explain....

After the final rose last season, I searched Instagram, and followed Jeff Holmes on Instagram.  Even after the show was over, thanks to Instagram, I could still watch the fairy tale unfold as Jeff posted pictures of trips to the amusement park and Emily's daughter's first day of school.

Then one day, as I was checking out of Rite Aid, I saw a headline on the cover of a magazine sharing rumors of Jeff and Emily's break up.  Immediately, I looked at Shad and said, "Oh! That's not true! Jeff just posted a picture of them this weekend hand in hand." The statement didn't sound crazy in my head, but based on how the cashier stared at me, I'd say I was boarding the train to crazy town.

Weeks before Jeff and Emily's official break up announcement, I told Shad of my concerns. "I really think Jeff and Emily broke up.  He hasn't posted many pictures of them lately." Choo-choo! Last stop Crazy Town.

Obviously, I had taken my love of all things Bachelor too far.  That's why when the new "most dramatic season ever" rolled around, I decided not to watch and I didn't watch for four whole weeks.  Four glorious weeks when I could carry on a normal conversation about mature topics like global warming, the fiscal cliff, and  other high quality shows like Real Housewives of Where ever.  However, all that changed on Monday night.

I really didn't sit down to watch the show, it was just on in the room where I was working.  However, in just ten minutes I was sucked in all thanks to Tiara.  She makes that show worth watching.  There's a Tiara in every season, that girl that just can't get along with all the other girls.  You know the one that all the other girls say is not there "for the right reasons." That statement has always bugged me because what exactly is "the right reason" to be on the Bachelor? Would the other girls honestly say that the only reason they are on the show is love and not the fabulous travel, fame, and potential money.

So here I am again, deciding who is there "for the right reasons," seeing who has chemistry with Sean, and analyzing whether or not Tiara faked hypothermia just to get a rose.  Choo choo! I hear that train to Crazy Town rolling down the tracks.  


  1. I totally understand.  No need to apologize to me :-)

    Except my CrazyTrain TV show is Breaking Bad....and HELLO!!!!!  It's about making meth and it's totally fictional.  At least your characters are real.  I act like I know fake people who make drugs.

    Nope.  Nothing crazy about that.


  2. you aren't alone! I get sucked in EVERY.SINGLE.SEASON. Just can't help myself.