Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Blessing #84- Alligator

Hey Mom, Mom! I need to talk to you. See, I've been reading the blog.

I didn't know you could read, and how did you figure out how to use a computer.

Never mind the details, Mom. I just wanted you to know that I've been reading the blog and I've noticed lots of Brandon posts. Brandon goes to the ChooChoo Barn. Brandon goes to Dutch Wonderland. Brandon turns five. Brandon has imaginary jobs. Brandon looses a tooth. Brandon gets baptized. That's a whole lot of Brandon!

Well, Colli Bear a lot happened during B's birthday week.

Mom, I thought I told you not to call me Colli Bear. Do you know what the blog has been missing? Collin! And do you know what this blog is without me...

L-Lame! The last time you blogged about me was when I started crawling...CRAWLING! When was that?

I think that was May, but I also blogged about how you look like your Uncle Chad.

Mom! That doesn't count! You called that a curse! oooh...25% off your total purchase!

Anyway, do you know how much I've accomplished since then? I got 7 teeth...SEVEN PAINFUL TEETH in one month. See!

I also started pulling up on everything. How's the view from down there.

I've been really busy...hey..What's that noise?

Are you kidding me? Buzz off kid! This is my blog post!

Here Mom, let me help you focus that camera right. That's better.

I know. I'll blog about you and Alligator and how you love him. Alligator's your security blanket...reptile.

Really Mom, love is a strong word. He's okay, but I mainly like how he tastes.

Remember Collin, you used to only make it in the church nursery about 15 minutes and then you would have a meltdown, but then...

Woah! Woah! I wasn't having a meltdown. I was showing the other kids the cool trick my mom could do. I would cry and about five minutes later you would show up every time. It was like magic.

Either way. Before Alligator you wouldn't make it long in the nursery, but after the Alligator you can make it the entire service.

Mom, I don't NEED this Alligator I can quit him at any time I want. Any time I want.

Really Collin?

Yep, because I always have the spare you bought me.

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