Friday, September 2, 2011

Saturdate with Southern Plate: fried green tomatoes and milk gravy

I'm trying to catch up on Southern Plate recipes that I made but never blogged. Today I'm sharing fried green tomatoes that I made a month ago, and milk gravy that I made this week.

About a month ago, I made fried green tomatoes with tomatoes from my very own garden! When I told my mom what I was making she said, "Make sure you cut your tomatoes thin." I followed Mom's advice, and they turned out great. I really like fried green tomatoes because they reminded me of fried pickles. I also fried up some strips of jalapeno with the tomatoes. They were great too. You can find the recipe for fried green tomatoes by clicking here.

After our harrowing (yes, I said harrowing) experience with no power for 12 full hours, I felt the need to celebrate when our power finally returned. For some reason, gravy and biscuits popped in my head.

The Southern Plate cookbook includes 5 gravy recipes, milk gravy, red eye gravy, chocolate gravy, sausage gravy, and tomato gravy. I have always been nervous about making gravy. It just seemed tricky so I stayed away from it, but after I make all five of the gravy recipes in Southern Plate, I will be a gravy expert. Milk gravy was not too hard; I just had to make sure I whisked it and kept a close eye on it. Gravy and biscuits was a great way to celebrate having power.

You can find the recipe by clicking here.

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  1. They both look really good & make me hungry.  #3s#1