Sunday, September 18, 2011

Random Acts of Craftiness #5 - Fall Entry Table

Yesterday, Colli Bear had pink eye so he and I stayed home while Shad and B went to church. I had a pretty close to quiet house, almost all to myself for several hours. After an hour of quiet, I decided to change up the look of my entry table. The table has looked like this for four months, and while I like the look, I was getting a little bored.

I started searching around my house for anything to put on the table. I went to the basement and got an old window.


So I have 10 old windows sitting in my basement just waiting for a project. That doesn't mean I need to be on the Hoarders show. It doesn't! The man had 30 in his yard when we found them. I only took 10. See! I have restraint (and small hauling space in my van).

When I placed the window, it looked a little boring so I decided to add some color.

After quick trip to my paint stash, I found a bright blue and a brown paint. I used the "make it up as we go" paint technique. I put a little bit of blue on the window with a foam brush and then I would wipe it in with a paper towel. I did the same with some brown paint, and I repeated that process until I was happy with the look.

I made a simple bunting to go across the window with some ribbon left over from my wreath and a scrap of fabric. I didn't really measure or anything with this bunting. I just made it fast, and I like how it turned out. (Collin had to get in on this picture.)

Next, I got out the pumpkins I got at the Goodwill outlet. I placed them, and the color just wasn't working for me.

I love the colors I used on my wreath, and I was also inspired by these blissful colors. I still had some orange spray paint left over from my wreath, and I was just itchin' to spray paint something else orange. So, I attacked the pumpkins like a spray paint ninja, and I got these...

but I wasn't done. I cut some shelf paper stencils with my cutting machine and painted my pumpkins. When Shad came home and saw the new table look, we had this conversation...

Shad: Why do the pumpkins have numbers on them?

me: Because there are three pumpkins.

Shad: But what does it mean?

me: It means there are three pumpkins, and it's really cool!

He obviously doesn't have my decorating vision. Here is the final look...

In the end, I love how it turned out, and I love that it cost me NOTHING out of my pocket! I just shopped my own house.

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  1. That cracked me about the numbers. I numbered our bedroom doors and have had people ask me the same question. Humpf. Why do we have to have a reason? HA! Very cute, thanks for linking up!

  2. This looks so cute! I love the shabby chic and simplicity of it!