Friday, September 23, 2011

Blessing #87 - Crumpton Auction

About a week ago, I got to go to Dixon's Furniture Auction, better known as the Crumpton Auction. (To see there website click here) I've tried to write this blog post a few times, but I just can't quite put into words how AwEsOmE Crumpton Auctions is. It's like Disneyworld for junkers.

After my friend Tori went to the auction, she told me how much I would love it, and we planned a trip to go. What does going to the Crumpton Auction look like for two moms.

Here's me with my two kids. Note: a pin looks good on a scarf when it's turned to the side, but when it slides to the front it looks too much like a bolo tie.

Here's Tori with two of her kids, and our other friend's little boy that Tori watches during the day. Did that confuse you? It's okay. All you need to know is we had five kids total.

When I first showed up, I went to the auctions inside, but then Tori called me, and told me to come outside, "It's more in our price range." When I walked outside, I saw this...

Cue angelic music, "Ahhhhhh!" My heart could hardly take it, a whole field of junk!

At the ouside auction, the auctioneer rides in a golf cart and goes down the rows of stuff and auctions it off.

Here are some of the awesome things we saw outside...

Wouldn't this make an awesome kitchen island?

What would Shad say if I came home with a ginormous fish?

I love this crate!

This would look awesome in B's room!

These jars were gorgeous! I would have bid on them, but I had my eye on something else.

Did I get anything? I'm glad you asked. I've been looking for some chairs to redo, and I found these great chairs and the matching bench.

When the bidding started, it was crazy! In fact, at one point, I bid against myself. This guy faked me out. He looked like he was going to bid, but I guess he was scratching his ear. As soon as I saw his hand move, I shot my hand up and bid. When I did it I looked at the guy beside me, an obvious auction veteran, and I asked him, "Did I just bid against myself?" He nodded and laughed. I ended up getting the four chairs for $32, which is more than I normally pay for things, but I had some extra money. I've been looking for chairs for about four months now at yard sales, and didn't find any good ones.

I love the cafe look and the details. What? The seat is gone in all the chairs? I can fix that. I'm thinking right now about painting them a distressed french white and doing the seat in a grain sack look. If you are on pinterest and see a good way to redo these just @stephanielankford for me!

Here's my tips for buying at an auction:

1. Know what you want and what you like before you go. I knew I wanted chairs, but I could have easily gotten swept up and buy something I didn't need.

2. Set a budget. I knew the most I would pay for anything was $40 because that was all the cash I had.

3. Bring a friend. Tori had been there before and she really helped me navigate through all the craziness.

4. If you bring kids, bring them plenty of snacks.

"Ummm...could you put that camera down, and get me a refill?"

5 Be aware of how much your car can hold. I saw a beautiful farm table and almost bid on it, but then I remembered, "I don't have a truck. I have a van that already has two car seats in it.

6 Don't bid against yourself.

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  1. What an awesome day!!  We are going to do the again and I will show you the whole lot of stuff you never even saw.