Sunday, September 4, 2011

Random Acts of Craftiness #4 - A Wreath

When I heard a few weeks ago that the Nester was having a wreath party (make a wreath and blog about it) I knew I had to join in. For days I thought about what to do. I think I tried making a wreath out of almost everything in our house, toys, straws, and toilet paper rolls.

I found an old picture frame, and decided to spray paint it orange...ORANGE. I lOoOoOve the bright orange.

Random Side Story: When I bought the spray paint at Home Depot through the self checkout, the screen said I needed to show my i.d. to the attendant. Then the attendant looked at me and said, "Oh, you don't need to do that." For some reason this bothered me. I looked at her and said, "Are you sure?" What I really wanted to say was, "Please make my day and tell me due to my deceivingly youthful glow you need to verify my age." However, she burst my happy bubble and said, "Oh you're fine."

Back to the wreath (and not my growing "I'm getting older" complex)

I had the "L" from another project, but it was damaged so I decoupaged it with map from our old Rand McNally road atlas. I attached it with ribbon to my orange frame with glue, but that didn't hold so I used a staple gun. I added some pinwheels, with ribbon, but I didn't know if I liked it.

I ended up attaching the pinwheels to the picture frame. I think this would be even better if there was a quote on it, but I could not figure out how I wanted that right now.

This project cost me $3.77 for the paint and $1.00 for the ribbon, and I had all the other materials already. My favorite part of this is definitely the orange color. It makes me smile everytime I see it.


  1. Love it!  I am wanting to do something with a map and this is wonderful!

  2. What a completely adorable wreath ~ I love it!
    Have a Happy Labor Day.

  3. I love that!  I think the pinwheels on the frame are the perfect finishing touch.

  4. Hey Honey, I am very proud of you! Reason #1) you only spent $5.00 on your whole project. ;)  and #2) although you are a devout Georgia Bulldog Girl - i see my Florida Gators seem to be influencing your color choices. love your hubby!

  5. Love your wreath, I have an old map laying around... may have to create something!