Thursday, September 1, 2011

Random Acts of Craftiness #3 - Charlie Brown and Linus Costume

Recently, I had to make a Peanuts themed costume for the boys. I'll explain why I had to make this at the end of the post, but this was a quick and cheap costume.

First, I had to make a Charlie Brown shirt. I dug through B's old clothes and found this yellow collared shirt. It's just a play shirt so I did not mind painting it.

Then I used old reliable shelf paper (I use it for everything) and drew a zig zag (a.k.a. chevron) on the back of it. The gridlines on the shelf paper make this much easier.

I looked at a picture of Charlie Brown and counted the number of points on the zig zag and there were 3 to 4 at the top. I made my zig zag have the same amount to give it that true Charlie Brown look.

For the Linus shirt, I found a 0-3 months long sleeve shirt that he already had. It was a little small, but that just added to the cuteness. I used painters tape to make the lines. I don't have black fabric paint so I just used acrylic paint.I searched through some receiving blankets, and found one that was just the right shade of blue as a Linus blanket.

Both costumes were made completely from things that were already in my house so the cost to me was $0! It took 2 hours to find the shirts, make the stencils, and paint them. However, that's "Mom time" which includes lots of interruptions.

I got a drop of black paint on the Charlie Brown shirt, but I used a football to cover that up when I needed to use the costumes.

I made these costumes for a contest Dayspring, the Christian branch of Hallmark is having to celebrate the launch of there new Peanuts card line. I took a picture with their Peanuts cards, and uploaded it to their facebook site. Voting starts today, and the winner get an ipad! There were about 70 entries a few days ago, so those were good enough chances for me to enter.

I'm trying to win the ipad for Shad's birthday present. I entered the Goodwill contest for his Valentines gift, and that ended great! I would greatly appreciate any votes. To vote click on this link. If that link doesn't work for you click here and look for the picture of Charlie Brown and Linus! I think we are on last page.

I'll be linking this project up to these sites.


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