Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Blessing #81- Dutch Wonderland

For Brandon's birthday adventure, we took him to Dutch Wonderland. Dutch Wonderland is basically Six Flags for toddlers.

This may make me a bad parent, but I haAaAate Dutch Wonderland. I was constantly surrounded by hundreds of kids, and at any given point 20% of those kids were having meltdowns, and those "meltdowning" kids were always standing right beside me.

The kids were bad, but the parents were even worse. Every conversation I overheard was about little league, potty training, or how much stronger, taller, and smarter their kid was than someone else's kid.

Half way through the day, I was already mentally writing a "Curse #28" post about Dutch Wonderland in my head. I even took a picture of the animatronic bears as one of the reasons I hated it. (Seriously, are those not the creepiest?)

However I also saw this all day...

and this....
***Warning***Do not try to take a picture on the dizzy turtle. You will get really sick looking through the view finder.

and this...

My experience completely changed when I tuned out all the annoying background noise (and animatronic bears) and focused on what was really important. When my focus changed, Dutch Wonderland moved from Curse #28 to Blessing #81.


  1. He looked like he had a great time!  Wish we could have been there.  #3s#1

  2. it is so true that our focus determines if something is a curse or a blessing. looks like he had a blast :) and i hear ya about listening to parents talk about all that stuff... and the kids melting down. [not that i don't occasionally brag on my kids.. or that they don't melt. in public] :)

  3. Wait a that a Bama hat that kid is sporting in PA where in 2 weeks the Crimson Tide will be up there to play Penn State?  Roll Tide B!