Sunday, August 14, 2011

Blessing #77- Brandon's Jobs

Brandon has a very big imagination. He is always pretending, but does he pretend that he's an astronaut walking on the moon? Nope. Does he pretend that he's a dinosaur tramping through the jungle. No, not Brandon. Any time Brandon pretends, he pretends that he is working. At least once a day, I will ask him to do something for me, and he will say, "Woo, but Mom I'm tired. I've been working all day," and in his mind, he really has.

Many times he will start a conversation with someone by telling them, "Yeah I've been working today," and he goes through the list of imaginary jobs that he accomplished that day. "We cleared out the woods and made a road. I worked with some excavators. Yeah, I've been working." The person who was just saying the boys were cute in passing will look at me with a blank stare, and I will just shrug my shoulders.

One of Brandon's "jobs" is a chef. Any time he gets a hold of one of my spatulas or other cooking utensils he starts "cooking." He will ask me "What would you like today. We have tomatoes." I play along and say, "Oh, can I have some salsa?" He looks at me like I'm crazy, "No, all we have is tomatoes."

Any time B is playing outside he is working on a construction site. When I ask him to come in he answers, "But mommy, we have to finish the bridge or it will collapse!" When Shad found a broken cell phone, Brandon carried it around for days, and would make his "work" calls on it. Once I heard him arguing into the phone, "Juan, we need that dynamite right now!!!" I have no idea what he was planning, but I was nervous.

(just ignore the date on that picture)

Last week Brandon started a new "job." It started when Brandon was packing for an overnight to his grandparents. After he packed every clothing item he has (I'm not kidding. 14 pairs of underwear for one night.) I sorted through what he should take. When I found the suit jacket, I held it up and snickered and told Brandon he didn't need a suit jacket. "But Mooooom, what if I have to preach." His logic made me laugh so I packed it for him, and that night he must have "preached" several sermons to his grandparents. What does a Brandon sermon sound like? Here is one that he gave me.

God *clap clap clap* cah-reated everything *clap clap clap* everything! We need to encourage. *clap clap* Son of God *clap* They were in Egypt! *clap clap clap* God cah-reated Son of God. *clap clap* Now I'm going to baptize Collin.

Do you know how hard it is to keep a straight face during one of his sermons, but I always play along because I know it's important to him. Someday he'll have a real job, but until then Brandon's imaginary jobs add excitement to our days.

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