Thursday, August 25, 2011

Curse #26 - Earthquakes

Tuesday, as everyone knows by now, the east coast was hit by an earthquake. I don't know how long it lasted, but it lasted long enough for me to realize what might be happening, grab the boys, and stand in a doorway. However, even as I was in the doorway I thought, "This isn't really an earthquake, right? This is just a joke...Oh look! The walls are moving, but it can't be an earthquake though...Would you look at that, all my pictures are shaking. But it's not an earthquake."

In that moment I learned I really don't like earthquakes at all. The earthquake is the jerk of the natural disasters.

Floods can happen quickly, but they give you warning. If you see alot of rain usually a flood is coming. Hurricanes have those outter bands that aren't as strong just to get you ready, and even if I didn't know what a tornado was, the giant spinning black funnel cloud would be enough to make me take cover.

All those natural disasters give you a heads up, "Hey, something bad is happening," but an earthquake is a jerk. No warning, nothing. He just starts shaking, and leaves you standing in a doorway with two little boys thinking, "This isn't really an earthquake?"

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