Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Random Acts of Craftiness #2 - The Crate Side Table

I've been looking for some different side tables in my living room. Shad found this table in someone's yard. He passed by on Monday and saw it, and he figured it was leftover from a yard sale. He asked the owner and they gave it to him.

When he brought it home, he didn't know if I would like it, but I love that the shape is an octagon and I love the hardware on it.

The top of the table has some water damage, but that didn't bother me. Inspired by my love of old crates and the crate stairs on Funky Junk Interiors, I knew I wanted the top of the table to have an old crate look.

I removed the top of the table and sanded it down, and then I made a stencil out of shelf paper like I did on the boys t-shirts.

I used S&S as the logo on my "crate" for Shad and Stephanie. The number at the bottom is our anniversary.
Now, there are so many problems with this picture, but one really big problem. The logo is too small and it's not centered (I thought I could eyeball it.) I was thinking about painting a stripe at this point, but I decided against it. However, all those mess-ups pail in comparison to my big mess-up.

After I painted on the number, I sat there and stared at it, and then I saw it "071904" our anniversary...wait...our anniversary is 0719...03!!!

I felt like an absolute idiot! Shad walked by and I asked him, "What's wrong with this?" He answered, "The logo isn't centered...and that's not our anniversary." Isn't it usually the husband that forgets the anniversary?

Determined not to be bested by a table, I sanded the top and set out to fix my mistakes.

This looks much better! I then stained the top, polyurethaned it, painted the bottom blue, and put it all back together to get...

My new side table!

Right now, I keep these boxes on this table, and the anniversary...the correct anniversary still shows.

I'm still looking for just the right basket to go underneath the table top to fill in that blank space. After a colossal mishap, I ended up having something I really love.

I'll be sharing this with a some of these sites.

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  1. this is sooo cute!  You are really creative, Stephanie.