Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Blessing #75 - The First Lost Tooth

Brandon lost his first tooth Sunday! He had damaged the tooth when he was small in a fall(accident #1), and the tooth was slightly discolored. The dentist has always kept a close eye on it because it could develop an infection.

At VBS Brandon busted his mouth and damaged his other front tooth (accident #2). We went to the dentist to check that tooth, and they noticed that the discolored tooth was starting to develop an infection. (Are you keeping up?) The dentist said they could pull out both front teeth, or we could wait and see. I have a slight (*cough cough *huge* cough cough*) fear of the dentist, and I really think having the dentist pull out both of B's front teeth at once would be traumatic for him so we decided to wait and see. He's been going to the dentist regularly to make sure that the infection didn't flare up.

Sunday night he was playing in a pop up tunnel we had gotten at a yard sale. He kept pushing the tunnel down and when the tunnel popped up it took his tooth with it (accident #3).

He sat there stunned for the first few seconds then he reached down, picked up his tooth, and started screaming. Shad and I took care of him, and tried to console him. "I want my grandma!" he screamed. He didn't specify which grandma, Mimi or Mom-mom, but I don't think he cared.

I'm so glad the pop up tunnel took care of the tooth and the dentist doesn't have to pull it. We still have to keep an eye on the other tooth he damaged so that it doesn't develop an infection, but I have a feeling Brandon may find a way to take care of that one too.

I remember sticking my tongue in the whole after I lost my first tooth. I'm glad I got a picture of Brandon doing the same.

Losing your front tooth just helps when you want to do your scary monster face.

I was trying to take a picture to show that Collin is cutting his bottom two teeth, but Collin seems like he is thinking, "Hey Mom? Don't they do something like this to horses?"


  1. Brandon you look very cute with your first tooth gone & Collin you look cute with your first tooth coming.  Love ya'll!!!

  2. Aw, the first lost tooth is always a fun memory for a family, right? Ha ha, you've got to love that happy smile with the missing baby teeth. Anyway, congrats to the kid and good luck to the tooth fairy!