Monday, August 22, 2011

Blessing #78- Needlework...Embroidery?

There are certain things that make my heart flutter (other than my husband and the boys). Many times, I have explained how I have a thing for ball jars and vintage pyrex, but there is one more thing on that list that I love...needlework...embroidery. I don't know exactly what it's called, I just know I love it!

The pieces that I have look like they are from the 70's. If you look in the background of this picture from Saturdate with Southern Plate you'll see the first piece I found.

About a year ago, I found this piece at Goodwill.

Saturday, we went to a festival in our town, and decided to hit a few yard sales afterwards. We haven't had much luck in a few months with yard sales. We had one day at the start of the season where we found so much good stuff, but since then it' been week after week of...NOTHING!

Shad got out for a quick look at the yard sale and I stayed in the car with the boys. Bored senseless, I scanned over the sale. Then a light shone down from the sky, and I heard angels sing, "Stephanie. Look at THAAAAAAT!" (Make sure you hit the high note on that last word.)

I couldn't believe my eyes, a 2ft. by 3ft. needlework in the colors of my house, in the coolest tree and bird design. I yelled, "Oh my goodness," and jumped out of my car asking Shad to come watch the boys, and trying with no success to hide my excitement (I would be a terrible poker player). I ran up the to the piece, and it was $3! I thought I had died and gone to yard sale heaven!

I could tell the owners had no idea why I would be excited about the picture. I think they may have even thought the picture was ugly, but I just love it. I went home and immediately found a spot for it. I don't know if the picture will stay in that spot, but for now it's working. I need to get or make a cushion for that chair, but I'm not quite sure what fabric I want to use.

This morning, as I blog I'm sitting on my couch, angled just so I can see my needlework...embroidery and I just love it. It may just be an ugly picture to some, but for me it's just another step to making my house feel like home.


  1. i actually really like that tree too :) i am not fond of all needlework-it has to catch my eye -but i like that one.  great find!

  2. beautiful!  #3s#1