Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Blessing #76- The Hair Theory

A year ago this month, Shad and I started looking for a church for our family. This was the first time either of us ever had to go through that process, and after four months of visiting churches we found the church we are at now. As we were visiting different churches I started to notice a pattern, and that's when I developed the "hair theory."

After a few Sundays of visiting churches, I noticed that every guy that led the music in every church we went to had hair, and not just a headful of hair, but his own distinct signature look.

After a few Sundays, it became a game with Shad and I whether the hair theory would hold true. Week after week I was proven right. Then one fateful Sunday we went to a church were the worship leader was bald, and not just bald, he was cue ball bald. Shad leaned over and said, "There goes you hair theory." I pouted the rest of the service and tried to revise the hair theory to include "voluntary baldness."

The next Sunday, we visited the same church and at the start of the service another man, with a headful of hair spiked all over his head, started to lead the music and said, "I had a great time on vacation last week." Mr. Cue Ball was only the fill in worship leader. The hair theory still held like a bottle of Aquanet from the 1980's (before the ozone had a hole)!

I don't have pictures of all the worship leaders we saw as we visited churches, but I do have a few pictures to prove my point.

George Beverly Shea sung with Billy Graham in all his theory holds.

Bill Gaither who has written 50% of the songs sung in southern theory holds.

Vintage Steven Curtis Chapman from the 1980' theory holds, and it's a mullet, bonus points!

Visiting a different church every week can be hard, but the hair theory was just a little thing that made me look forward to going to each church and made the whole process a little more fun.


  1. What will you post next? Pastors are bald. We all had hair when we started.
    You figure out why we lost or pulled our hair out. By the way, I have noticed that also. Love ya. #3

  2. I remember a church, which shall be remain namesless, that the song leader had highlighted the tips of his spiked hair.

    Kudos for the mullet pic of Steven Curtis Chapman.