Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Curse #27 - No Power

This weekend, Hurricane Irene barrelled into town. We went and stayed at the guest house (the one on the horse farm that I clean) just to give me peace of mind.

Friday, we took B out for his birthday, and at one point Shad checked his messages only to have a voicemail from our power company informing us that we could lose power from the stores for up to four days. When Shad told me about that message, I started to feel myself tense. I wasn't as nervous about the hurricane as I was about losing power.

Saturday night, I woke up to realize that we had indeed lost our power. To keep myself sane during the experience I kept a log for the blog. (Say that five times fast.)

7:05 AM- The power went off around 3:00, and I woke up and inwardly screamed, "Nooooo!" I'm trying to save the laptop for emergencies (like updating my facebook status) so I'm currently using a strange technology called "paper and pen." My allergies are acting up so I can't sleep. Shad had to go in to work at 6:00. When I called him at 7:00, all he said was, "The generators are messed up, so I can't talk." This is going to be a long day.

7:16 AM- I poured myself my morning glass of tea (unsweet with a little splenda), and I realized that I only have about 1/3 of a gallon (approximately 3 pints) of tea. If I'm going to survive this day I need a steady flow of caffeine, and with my dwindling resources, I will have to find a supply elsewhere. Stay calm! Think! Try to remember every episode of Man vs. Wild I have ever seen. Was this situation ever on there?

8:20 AM- Shad just got back from work. I was so happy to see him, but then he said, "What's for breakfast?" as soon as he walked in the door. I suddenly felt the strong urge to push him back out the door.

8:30 AM- (Sorry for the picture, just turn your head to the left.) Shad was determined to have a hot breakfast so he rigged this up and he did have hot oatmeal. Tonight, as we sit in the dark when our last candle burns out, I will look at him and say, "But you just haaaad to have a warm breakfast."

9:25 AM- B woke up, but fortunately for us, Shad's brother and his family stayed here last night, and B is happily playing with his cousin. He is going to want a hurricane all the time.


12:20 PM- Shad got called back in to work around 11:00, and I started cleaning on the guest house some. I could do some more work, but Collin really wants to take a nap and he was hating the pack'n'play. I loaded up the van all by myself, and now we are headed home!

12:32 PM- When we got home, Collin was already asleep so I quietly got him in his bed. B was resting in his room, and I sat down to rest....That lasted about 30 seconds. 30 seconds after I sat down THE POWER CUT OFF AGAIN! I am not exagerating it really was 30 seconds! My inner clock doesn't lie.

1:28 PM- Shad got back home, and I think he started to say, "What's for lunch?" but he caught himself. Collin woke up from his nap because it is so quiet, and we decided to head back to the guest house to let B play with his cousin.

2:15 PM- B and his cousin are playing "tornado" now. This is a super sweet conversation I heard between them...

cousin- I love you Brandon.

B- Why?

cousin- Because you are
my family, and I love all my family.

B- Oh! I love you too buddy!

3:27 PM- The power is back on, but I am not lookin' like a fool again. So we are making sure it's for real this time.

4:30 PM- We are headed home for real this time!



  2. Very funny.  I am glad to see you utilizing the technology you had avaiable.  The ole StephPad worked good! 
    Seriously, though a couple thoughts.
    #1 Shad is out on call, slaving away trying to keep the whole place running and you didnt have him any breakfast or lunch?  Cmon Steph! 
    #2 I liked the conversation between Brandon and his cousin.  Very cute. I like how Brandon wanted to know the reason before he responded.  Awesome.
    #3  You really hadn't fixed Shad any lunch either?

  3. Thanks Laci! I was so happy to find you on facebook.